Censor The Rule

Project Amygdala

(SATCOM Download 2019)

1. Declassified Ingredients: Genetic Autonom Boson Keys which make up the vibrational Higgs composition presented as 11 DNA CTR audio tracks.  All tracks are patented as sonically nootropic and are specifically engineered in infusing listener pulse rates with every listen to help circumvent multiple electron nulls to neurologically extract and rewire any pre-existing dormant synapses likely brought upon by daily social and occupational conformity constructs.  

2. Instructions: In order for cell damage calcification to slough off the pineal gland, all vibrational elements infused in the provided 11 CTR tracks , must be cognitively met with an unconditional free will and a true love for rock, a will for a groove and a will to simply self-evolve, thus, resultantly: to deeply connect the listeners DNA to the 11 tone nootropic program in order for full transformative and psychic effects to thereby manifest and or occur.   

Note: Repeat the 11 audio nootropic track transformation as needed, as results may vary. Per past DOJ research, it has been shown that results are dependent based upon individual mental listening states at the time of audio intakes.   

- Noted triggers seen as false positives to warrant repeating the 11 track CTR program: History of harboring and passing unfounded judgements, acting out a spastic emotional display of upholding your right of self entitlement, history of criminal gaslighting, diagnosis of ADHD, hyper-vigilance, symptoms of denial issues with DSM-5 criteria for narcissism, criteria for DSM-5 misfired zygotes, a sense of social resignation, traveling without moving, being easily triggered by subjective social reports, history of disrupting happy homes, endorsing fake news, endorsing real news, making fake rice, having intercourse with mind reading reptilians and specific ex-CERN HC engineers (dimensional rift division, Geneva 25) -   

3. CTR Results and DNA side effects: After the 11 audio track CTR cognition sessions have been fully infused and mentally incorporated please note the vibrational shift changes take varying mutative direction and may require additional listening intervals.  

The purpose of this declassified 11 track audio session is to instill and reconstruct lost neuron based content that helps comprise and regenerate qualities of neuro-moral character back into carbon-based life forms.  The neurons are cauterized by social perception rather infected.  This in turn makes up the pressure point climate of the majority of mental health disorders on Earth.  

- Please note which track appeals to you the most and why and share your experiences on the CTR projects own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social sat-secure-relay medium.  

***Disclaimer for only carbon based life forms: As we do recommend to listen to all 11 CTR DNA infused tracks however, at your own risk, as documented outbreaks of augmented (Redacted) and reports of increased (Redacted) are likely to (Redacted) thereby offering a random selection of psychic energies, ranging from (Redacted) and in the high risk areas of (Redacted) which is pending further research and development***  

Post Audio Benefits:  Upon arriving to a core of cognitive infusion upon the 11 track audio completion, are guaranteed and explicit results of: (and in no particular order)  

-1. Self empowerment and reflection.  -2. An unsung will to own and rock your life.  -3. Debuting smiles of self appreciation.  -4. Understanding the super ego in you and others.  -5. Silently self evaluate terms of your life and follow thru to pending self commitments.  -6. Amygdala DNA, deep cleanse with mild side effects of neutrality and post reflection.  -7. DMT volume increases coupled with hyper-drive 3rd eye Aya vision (patent pending)  -8. Open time continuum doors and expose dormant vortex lines when listening and singing to all 11 tracks. -9. Exercise vibrational oneness while within your multi-hexagonal dome construct (Your known matrix)  -10. Igniting the true warrior’s light within you and evolving static perceptions.   

4. CTR Mantra and Mission Statement:  

“Remember the nexus to the deepest of truth, whilst we stand in the belly of beast and lies. For all souls of Earth, beings from Telos and the Divine Kamisama Dogu. Redressing the truth that lies within real, human drama. No more conflicts to entertain yourself, as drama is mere conflict.  True change only begins with the shift within your consciousness...”   

Thus, today we present 11 declassified audio files of rock project and infusion, Censor The Rule, as we begin our global flight with the installation of the DOD approved Project Amygdala, Operation Balance and Sound Mind.   

Legal Disclaimer: This 11 track audio transformative DNA CTR rock edition was made in full cooperation of Majestik 14 and select galactic council psychic savants of the DOJ and the MDF pilot (off planet) recruitment center and in conjunction with active Los Alamos MIB holding facilities.   

- Transmission End.

————————————————————— Constellation Source Transmission Send Point: M45. RA 3h 47m 24s | Dec +24° 7′ 0″ Quadrant 4Q4 bound, cryo-sleep engaged Active Duty Vessel: Spartan Koi  Docking Collar: Inactive  3 souls on board: Active  —————————————————————-